Everyday functional fitness for every body.

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Are you looking for an effective and enjoyable way to stay fit?

 BP8 is the perfect solution! Our High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) group fitness classes are structured yet challenging, with two professional personal trainers that keep things organized. Every day focuses on a different muscle group as your work out is supervised by our experienced team.

With BP8, you can finally reach those fitness goals in no time. You will feel fitter, stronger, and healthier after every session – not to mention more self-confident! Plus there’s always someone around willing to motivate or encourage you – maximizing the effect of every session!

Physical Space

Looking for a decentralized exercise experience without any distractions?

Our large screen TVs show each participant their own individual exercises, taking away the focus from other exercisers so you can concentrate on your own achievement. 

Take your workouts to the next level at any BP8 location for an unparalleled experience that will help challenge and elevate your fitness goals—all while having complete privacy. Classes are kept small so everyone gets personalized attention as well as entertainment during their workout session.

Qualified Instructors

Looking for an effective workout in a supportive environment?

 Our trainers are among the most qualified and experienced in the fitness industry. They have completed our cutting-edge training program to learn the skills, knowledge, and capabilities to run sessions in BP8 studios.

BP8-qualified instructors are the perfect community-based trainers you need for guidance and motivation on every aspect of your fitness journey.

Our team of certified trainers circulates during workouts offering tips, motivation, guidance, modifications (if needed) plus getting alternate equipment if necessary – making sure your experience is enjoyable and tailored just for you.