Choose from our monthly options, class pass pack or start with a 7-day trial to experience what BP8 has to offer!

7-Day PASS

Curious to see what BP8 Fitness is all about? Try our 7-day trial for only $150! Dive into a week of transformative workouts, exclusive amenities, and a taste of the BP8 Fitness community. Trial may be used at all our BP8 locations nationwide.

VIP legendary

Our VIP Legendary Memberships gives you full access to all of our BP8 locations nationwide as well as a full membership to all Central Athletic locations. This offer is available for the first 100 members at each branch and is the ultimate package. Become legendary today and elevate your fitness journey. LIMITED AVAILABILITY


Get unlimited access to our classes at all of our BP8 locations nationwide with our $350 plan.



10 pack Class Pass

Ready to take your fitness journey to the next level? Our 10 pack is priced at $600, perfect for those committed to regular workouts. Flexibility meets affordability. Available to use at all our BP8 locations nationwide.

Single Class Pass

Join us for an invigorating workout session at BP8 Fitness! Experience our high-energy classes for just $75 per class.